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ScanToPDF TWAIN Editions

Desktop software for simple, affordable & reliable TWAIN scanning to PDF

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Standard Edition

  • A simple yet powerful solution for creating great quality PDF or PDF/A documents from TWAIN compliant scanners.
  • To process existing PDF files, just drag and drop or import files for removing pages or merging PDF files.
  • The modern design of the software makes it quick to learn and easy to operate.

Professional Edition

  • With all the great features of the Standard Edition, the Professional Edition provides additional features to suit the larger and busier office.
  • Automatic file naming, page stamping, automatic printing, automatic page rotation, page deskew and save to multiple image formats

OCR Edition

  • With all the great features of the Standard Edition, the OCR Edition provides Optical Character Recognition as an additional feature.
  • We realise that OCR is a niche requirement so we created an Edition just for OCR.
  • Scanned documents are usually produced as images, which means you cannot search the text.
  • The OCR Edition “reads” your document as it is scanned and places the text in the finished PDF so you can search for words in the file. The PDF file will be searchable (and crawlable by indexing systems) meaning you can easily find files using just a simple search in Windows explorer.

Desktop Solutions For TWAIN Scanners or Importing From Folder

For capturing batches of images containing barcodes from TWAIN scanners or folders


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Batch Scanning With Barcodes Desktop

  • Scan barcode documents directly to your desktop from TWAIN scanners or import from folder
  • Use the barcodes on documents to separate scanned batches and name files.

Batch Scanning Professional Desktop

  • Use zonal barcode recognition, zonal optical character recognition or manual document indexing.
  • Create multiple document profiles for ultimate control over your workflows.
  • Export data for integration into other systems, and populate the PDF metadata for enhanced search capabilities using any search index.

PDF Acquire Server Solutions

For batch processing files that have already been scanned

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PDF Acquire Barcode Server

  • Features as Barcode Desktop but runs as a Windows’ Service on a Windows server for fast un-attended processing.
  • Process files that have already been scanned.

PDF Acquire Server Professional

  • Features as Batch Scanning Professional but runs as a Windows’ Service on a Windows server for fast un-attended processing.
  • Files can be processed from multiple folders across the network.
  • Based on the different source folders. Save the PDFs into different output folders.

PDF Processing Solutions

Extracts data from PDF’s, ready for processing into your chosen ERP or Ecommerce System.

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eCommerce & Integration

For extracting PDF data from your eCommerce store.

  • eCommerce integration product designed to extract data from PDF documents
  • Process sales orders, quotation requests or purchase invoices, and automatically upload them into popular eCommerce packages

Bespoke & Custom Built Solutions

For developing a custom solutions for your business.

  • Custom built, bespoke solution to process PDF files, or a command line tool for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?
  • Maybe you need to integrate with a legacy accounts solution and need expertise to help guide you through the process
  • Work with our analysts, system architects and development team and Let us help you, we have over 20 years experience of designing and delivering solution for projects just like yours

ScanToPDF Case Studies

Read our client’s case studies, regarding feedback on our products and services.

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