Barcode & OCR Server Solutions

Windows server applications for separating, renaming and filing of documents from network scanners, Multi Function Peripheral (MFP) devices or converting image files contained in an archive.

The PDF Acquire File Processing solutions can monitor a folder or group of folders looking for the arrival of new documents to be processed or it can be configured to work its way through an archive or legacy system converting the files into PDF files with the option of making them searchable.

Automatic File Import From Folders

  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Unattended process for high performance
  • Import from single or mutiple folders
  • Output to single or multiple folders*
  • Define multiple profiles for rules based processing*
  • Admin emails to alert admins of errors or status
  • Backup source files automatically (optional)
  • Delete source files automatically

Barcode and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)*

  • Read barcodes on captures pages
  • Convert images to text using optical character recognition (OCR)*

Automatic File Naming

  • Using barcodes captured from the pages
  • Using data extracted from zones on pages uses OCR text recognition*
  • Using feature rich syntax such as incremental numbers, extracts from barcodes or dates and times

Batch Separation

  • Each time the value of a document’s barcode changes
  • Using a custom variable extracted via barcode recognition or OCR* – like an invoice number
  • Inserted separator pages
  • Fixed page counts

Universal Service Monitor (USM) Utility

  • monitor service process through User Interface
  • debug the service process


*Server Professional

Choose A Server Solution

PDF Acquire Barcode Server
  • Runs as a service so no user required
  • Import files that are already scanned from folder
  • Perform barcode recognition on the captured pages
  • Separates documents based on barcodes
  • Saves file using barcode values to name without user intervention

Modules Included In This Solution

ScanToPDF Standard Edition
Included Plugins -Barcode Recognition (DTK), Batch Separation, Auto File Import, Auto File Namer, SMTP Mailer, Supervisor

Feature Keys – Run As Service Key

PDF Acquire Server Professional
  • Fast server based un-attended batch file processing
  • Barcode recognition, Optical Character Recognition
  • Use zonal OCR for document indexing
  • Export data to other systems using XML, JSON, CSV
  • Server will email admin messages (if required)
  • Files can be processed from multiple folders across the network.
  • Based on the different source folders. Save the PDFs into different output folders.

Modules Included In This Solution

ScanToPDF Standard Edition
Included Plugins – Barcode Recognition (DTK), Batch Separation, Document Profile Selector, Auto File Import, Auto File Namer, Data Exporter, Ocr Recognition, SMTP Mailer, Data Gatherer, Supervisor

Feature Keys – Run As Service Key

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Data Extraction Solutions

PDF Acquire data extraction solutions process and extract data from PDF files. The source files can come from scanners, email attachments or an existing document archive. We have out of the box desktop and server solutions for batch processing documents with barcodes, extracting data using zonal OCR and exporting data.

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