Windows Server based solution

Fast & accurate barcode recognition for ultimate batch file processing

Works with files that are already scanned

PDF Acquire Barcode Server

Mike Tessitore

I have used this product for over 10 years and there is NOTHING better, it is easy to use , we scan all of our client records usually 100 pages or more for each client and it never misses. I have tried all of the other PDF programs just for the heck of it and nothing compares to the simplicity of this product



Features In Detail

  • Server app with 1 hour FREE remote setup support included in the price
  • Fast batch file import & processing with automatic file naming
  • Use barcode values to name PDF files
  • Barcode filtering using powerful “Regex” pattern matching or barcode position
  • Recognises all 1D and 2D barcode formats including QR codes and PDF417
  • Email messaging for service notifications
Automatic File Naming
  • Save files to local, mapped or UNC paths
  • Name files with variables read from barcodes on your documents
  • Automatically create folders required for saving
  • Pre-define options to append or overwrite
  • Powerful syntax to name files
  • Error handling options, manual save, automatic error case file naming
  • Option to create back up copies
Automatic File Import
  • Monitor local folders, mapped drives or UNC paths
  • Automatically move files after processing
  • Option to create back up copies
  • Run in manual or un-attended mode folder polling mode
  • Error handling options
Runs As Service
  • Process runs as a unattended Windows service
  • Optimised for service
  • Fixed license cost, not based on page or file counts
  • Fast processing of files to PDF
  • Administration tool provided to monitor and administer the service
Regex Support
  • Create patterns to match barcodes or OCR data
  • Capture pattern matches into variables
  • Filter un-wanted barcodes from your documents
Barcode Recognition
  • Reads the following barcodes

1-D barcodes – Code 11,Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Code 93, Code 128, 2of5 Interleaved, Codabar, Patch Code, Pharmacode, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC A, UPC E, Add 2, Add 5

2-D barcodes – PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code, Micro QR Code

Postal barcodes – PostNet, Planet, RM4SCC, AustraliaPost, IntelligentMail

  • Match the barcodes required using powerful Regex Capture
  • Only recognise barcodes in certain positions on the page
  • Image pre-processing to further improve recognition accuracy
  • Auto orientation of pages based upon the barcode orientation
  • Manually edit barcode values on the page


Batch Separation
  • Fixed page counts
  • Inserted separation pages
  • Existing barcodes on the documents
  • Imported file path (in file import solutions)
  • A changing expression
Email Notifications
  • Send SMTP emails for error notifications in import process
  • Send SMTP emails for error notifications in output process
PDF Settings
  • define Title, author, subject and keywords (known as the Dublin Core Metadata)
  • define PDF format, including PDF/A (1b, 2b, 2u, 3b, 3u)
  • Colour image compression to create smaller file sizes
  • PDF security and restrictions
  • Viewer preferences to control the viewer when documents are opened

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PDF Acquire Barcode Server

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4 reviews for PDF Acquire Barcode Server

  1. Ron Majerus

    I can’t say enough good things… you guys run your show like companies did in the old days… powered by good old fashioned customer service!

  2. John Cate

    Software was very easy to get configured and is running great. We are processing customer communication scanned on a Kyocera CS 7550ci

  3. Chris Henrich

    A far more economical option than other batch scanners out there.

    Our prior subscription was $1700/yr. The resources used by our server are also greatly reduced and accuracy/functionality is the same or better.

    We did have some errors with the barcodes not being picked up, but bumping up the font spacing and turning on error correcting has seemed to fix it.

  4. Katie Bland

    We were recommended this product by CodeStone who supply our SAP system. We are using it to scan delivery notes

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