Getting Started With ScanToPDF

How to start using ScanToPDF to capture images from a TWAIN scanner or from a folder with PDF files or images that are already scanned

Using ScanToPDF

User interface guide and how to begin processing captured images to PDF.

Extending Functionality Using Plugins

The core of ScanToPDF is designed to be lean and lightweight, to maximize flexibility and minimize user training. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that customers can tailor their software to their specific needs.

Quick Start Guides

Our quick start guides speed up the evaluation process and save you valuable time.

Syntax Guide

This guide provides descriptions (and in some cases examples) of the syntax for functions, methods, objects and properties available in ScanToPDF.

Running ScanToPDF As A Service

Instructions for running ScanToPDF as a service (how to administer the ScanToPDF windows service).

Command Line Switches

Use command line switches to control the behaviour of ScanToPDF from batch files or desktop shortcuts. This guide documents all the command line switches available in ScanToPDF version 6.


Tools & tips to help troubleshoot common problems in ScanToPDF. 


Have a question or require further help? Get in touch using our support page.

Helpful Hints

Moving the software, using barcode filtering, using free plugins and much more.

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