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St Eval


ScanToPDF is a robust and reliable solution for high volume document scanning, separation, and naming. The installation was straightforward and their support is excellent.

Harry Young-Jamieson

Managing Director

Country: UK

Business Type: Candle and fragrance brand

Business Summary: St. Eval is an independently owned candle brand and manufacturing company based in Cornwall, UK

Requirements : St. Eval wanted to automate the scanning and uploading of important documents  to their ERP.

Solutions Provided: PDF Acquire Barcode Server

Certex GB

Country: UK

Business Type: Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Business Summary: Certex (UK) belong to the business unit Lifting Solutions within Axel Johnson International. The business unit is a global player that specialise in lifting equipment, steel wire rope, height safety and services. It operates as a group of companies that supply wire rope, hoists, overhead cranes and other lifting products together with connected services.

Background: Certex wanted to automate the scanning and uploading of their works orders into Microsoft SharePoint.

Requirements : Process scanned documents in batches, and name using a printed works order number and account number extracted from the image using OCR. Write PDF to network shared folder and also upload to SharePoint

Solutions Provided: Batch Scanning with OCR Zones & PDF DataConnect SharePoint Connector


Country: USA

Business Type: Aerospace – Machining – Sheet Metal – Metal Bonding – Tooling – Special Processes – Machined Parts – Sheet Metal Parts

Business Summary: Craft manufacturing and Tooling, Inc. was founded in 1988 and began as a CNC Machining subcontractor to the growing aerospace business base in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas. Since then, CMT has evolved into a fully integrated aerospace and defense component supplier.

Background: Scanning of documents required manual file name entry based upon data printed on the scanned document along with manual browsing to, and selection of, the correct folder location on the server for saving of document.

Requirements: Process scanned documents in and name using a 2D barcode extracted from the image using barcode recognition. Write PDF to network shared folder.

Solutions Provided: ScanToPDF Standard Edition + Auto File Namer plugin + Barcode Recognition plugin + Device Profiles plugin.

CSA Sp. z o.o.

Country: Poland

Business Type: Metal Industry Supplier

Business Summary: CSA Sp. z o.o. is an experienced high-tech metal industry supplier that specialises in manufacturing steel structures.

Background: CSA required a server based solution for separating PDF business documents containing barcode labels.

Solution Provided: PDF Acquire Server Pro – ScanToPDF


Country: UK

Business Type: Landscaping Supplier

Business Summary: Green-tech provide professional grade landscaping materials and wholesale garden supplies for landscape contractors, architects, designers and landowners.

Background: Green-tech wanted to automate the scanning and uploading of pick note documents into their SAP B1 ERP system.

Solution Provided: Batch Scanning With OCR Zones & PDF DataConnect SAPB1 Connector


Country: USA

Business Type: Aerospace Hardware Distribution​

Business Summary: Jet-Tek is a supplier of specialized aerospace-grade hardware to the commercial and military aviation industries, and space technology companies.​

Background: Our industry requires meticulous and comprehensive handling of paperwork in order to establish and maintain the authenticity of our products.  We are required to maintain physical and electronic copies of all paperwork related to each item that we supply. In the past, this required manually scanning documents in bulk, and then sorting through the large documents to find the necessary information.

Solutions Provided: Batch Separation, Barcode Recognition, Automatic File Namer, Page Stamper.

Results: “Utilizing ScanToPDF’s solutions, we were able to reduce document processing time by over 90%.  In addition, we now have the added capability of electronically searching for any document by file name, which has eliminated hours of work searching through files.  The page headers applied to each document have drastically reduced the risk of paperwork being associated with the wrong item, and they make it easier to identify missing pages.”

Johann Dostthaler e.K.

Country: Germany

Business Type: Constructive Wood Products

Business Summary: Since its foundation in 1996, our company has developed into a leading timber trade for constructive wood products in southern Bavaria. The product range is based on the products in demand from carpentry, timber construction and the construction industry.

Background: Dowaholz have been using our PDF Acquire Desktop Solution (in various versions) since 2013. They are using the software to organize our Delivery notes. They scan them, perform Optical Character Recognition to make them into searchable PDF and then their ERP Software attaches the delivery notes to the customer invoices.

Solution Provided: PDF Acquire Barcode Desktop – ScanToPDF ; OCR (

Masteroast Coffee Company Ltd

Country: UK

Business Type: Coffee Roasting & Packaging

Business Summary: Masteroast Coffee is an independently owned coffee roasting and packing facility.

Background: Masteroast Coffee wanted to automate the scanning and uploading of important documents used in their production process.

Solution Provided: PDF Acquire Desktop


Country: UK

Business Type: Building Materials Supplier

Business Summary: Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions for various industrial application markets.

Background: Saint-Gobain have been using our ScanToPDF Batch Scanning With Barcodes product for 8 years. Recently they have expanded their business with us to make use of our sister product – PDF DataNet to automate the processing of PDF orders.

Solution Provided: Batch Scanning With Barcodes – ScanToPDF

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