Payment Options

We offer four online payment methods.

If you would prefer to order and pay offline send us an enquiry and choose ‘Offline Purchase Enquiry

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Accepted Payment Methods

Please Note: In all cases, whichever payment method is selected, keys are available only once full payment has been cleared.


Processed by PayPal. Use a PayPal account or a debit or credit card to pay for your order.

PayPal will process your payment on the PayPal site.

No card details will be stored on this site.


Processed by our card payment provider WorldPay on the WorldPay site.

No card details will be stored on this site.

Bank Transfer

Website will email an order confirmation when the order is placed.

Our administration will email our bank details to enable payment into our account by bank transfer.

Temporary activation key provided upon request

Purchase Order

If you would like to pay using a purchase order please email us the purchase order.

Upon receipt of payment (or receipt of order at our discretion) the order will be processed.

Temporary activation key provided upon request

What To Do If Card Payment Fails

If card payment fails using a credit or debit it generally means that the card has been refused for some reason. We do not have access to the refusal reasons so we cannot provide any advice on the refusal.

We have found that the following advice often enables a payment to continue successfully:

  1. Contact the card provider and ask for their advice.
  2. Double check that ALL the information required has been entered correctly.
  3. Sometimes card payments will be blocked because they are not enabled for international payments. Again talk to the card provider.

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