Download Policy

A note about software versions

All of the evaluations available from this web site use ScanToPDF VERSION 6 software and keys are version specific

We have 4 software versions in circulation. This is a summary of the status of those versions

Version Status Support Status Purchase Status Download Status
Version 3 End of life Not supported Not available Not available
Version 4 End of life as of 31st December 2021 Not supported Not available Not available
Version 5 Will become end of life 31st December 2026 Supported Existing customers only Available upon request
Version 6 Will become end of life 31st December 2030 Supported Available Available

We will always provide activation keys to customers who have purchased them , for all our versions, when requested

All customers would have been supplied with a software installation executable when they orginally purchased the software

It is not a responsibility or service of OIC to provide software downloads for earlier versions but we do this as a customer service to our customers

We do however reserve the right to require customers to provide us with and record the following data against each request so that we can monitor and control the distribution of our software, which ultimately is our property, and provided to customers only under license

Full name of individual making the request
Company name (where appropriate)
Email adress to reply to
Purchase reference

We collect this data under the legitimate interest reason of GDPR

PLEASE NOTE : Requests for version 5 downloads will be processed within 24 business hours and a download link provided at our discretion only

Agreeing to this policy on the Download Request page gives us the explicit right to process the download request and associated collected data as detailed above

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