Batch Scanning Solutions

Batch Scanning

Batch scanning is the process of scanning multiple documents in a single operation. When the scanning process is complete, ScanToPDF separates the scanned pages back into their original documents.

There are a range of ways to separate batches and automatically name the PDF files created, including:

Automatic File Naming

  • Using barcodes captured from the documents
  • Using data extracted from pages uses OCR text recognition

Batch Separation

  • Each time the value of a document’s barcode changes
  • Using a custom variable extracted via barcode recognition or OCR – like an invoice number
  • Inserted separator pages
  • Fixed page counts

Choose A Batch Scanning Solution

Batch Scanning With Barcodes (Separate using barcodes, fixed page counts or inserted pages)
  • If your documents have barcodes, this could be the perfect solution for you.
  • Using their barcodes to separate pages into documents, ScanToPDF then names the PDF documents created using the barcode value.

Batch Scanning With OCR Zones (Use data extracted from documents to name and separate files)
  • Batch scan documents and capture data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from positional zones on your documents.
  • Use the data to name files, split the batch and even output the data to other systems using CSV, XML or TXT files.
Batch Scanning Professional (Barcode & OCR ultimate flexibility, control and accuracy, create multiple document profiles)
  • Use zonal barcode recognition, zonal optical character recognition or manual document indexing.
  • Create multiple document profiles for ultimate control over your workflows.
  • Export data for integration into other systems, and populate the PDF metadata for enhanced search capabilities using any search index.

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