Barcode Batch Scanning Solutions

Batch scanning is the process of scanning multiple documents in a single operation.

When the scanning process is complete, ScanToPDF separates the scanned pages back into their original documents.

There are a range of ways to separate batches and automatically name the PDF files created, including:

Automatic File Naming

  • Using barcodes captured from the documents
  • Using data extracted from pages uses OCR text recognition
  • Using flexible syntax

Barcode Recognition

  • Recognise and capture all popular 1D, 2D barcodes and QR codes
  • Barcode filtering – filter out un-wanted barcodes using position or pattern matching – learn more

Batch Separation

  • Each time the value of a document’s barcode changes
  • Using a custom variable extracted via barcode recognition or OCR – like an invoice number
  • Inserted separator pages
  • Fixed page counts

Choose A Batch Scanning With Barcodes Solution

Batch Scanning With Barcodes (Separate using barcodes, fixed page counts or inserted pages)
  • If your documents have barcodes, this could be the perfect solution for you.
  • Using their barcodes to separate pages into documents, ScanToPDF then names the PDF documents created using the barcode value.

Batch Scanning Professional (Barcode & OCR ultimate flexibility, control and accuracy, create multiple document profiles)
  • Use zonal barcode recognition, zonal optical character recognition or manual document indexing.
  • Create multiple document profiles for ultimate control over your workflows.
  • Export data for integration into other systems, and populate the PDF metadata for enhanced search capabilities using any search index.

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