License Key Activation


These instructions apply to ScanToPDF Version 6 software only

Each installation of ScanToPDF requires an activated license key to prevent the software watermarking documents

If the software is re-installed onto a new computer then the license key will need to be de-activated and re-activated and applied to the new computer

All our software will operate in evaluation mode until the software is activated using a license key purchased from this website

Activating ScanToPDF Guide

Subscription or Perpetual + Support Licenses

The instructions here apply to online purchases. If purchase is made offline please request a key using the manual request page

To re-activate version 5 software (purchased before 21st December 2020) please visit this page to request a replacement version 5 key



These instructions apply to version 6 software only

All ScanToPDF software requires activation once the evaluation period is finished. Using ScanToPDF after the evaluation period will contravene the evaluation license agreement

Purchase license keys from the website and follow the steps on this page to activate those license keys and activate the software

If ScanToPDF has been installed already there is no requirement to install it again when license keys are purchased. Just activate the license key(s)

Activation will stop documents produced with the software being watermarked with our web site address across the page

1. Purchasing License Keys

Visit the page (or pages) of the solutions you need, click the Buy icon

Choose the license type you require, change the quantity required and click Buy Now and proceed to the Checkout to complete payment

When an order has been paid, license keys are sent in an email for your records (Subscription and Perpetual + Support licenses only)

License keys will also be available from the License Keys page of your website account (Subscription and Perpetual + Support licenses only)

2. Obtaining License Keys
  • Open the email sent to you when your order was complete (after payment) and copy the license key(s) in the email to your clipboard. There will be a license key for each license purchased.
  • Alternatively, login to your website account and click the License Keys icon.
  • Make a note of the key(s) or use the Copy icon to copy the key to the clipboard.
  • If the purchase was made offline request a key manually using the manual key request page
3. Activating License Keys
  • Start ScanToPDF
  • If you are prompted to enter a key, enter it and click OK, otherwise click the Help menu and choose Product activation
  • Enter the license key provided into the text box provided
  • Click the OK button
  • Click the Save button on the lower right of the window

If the software is in evaluation mode

  • Start ScanToPDF
  • On the menu click Edit and choose Options
  • Click the Proceed button on the Evaluating Solutions window
  • Enter the license key into the box provided and click Add key
  • Click the Next button
  • Confirm the required prompts to switch the system from Evaluation mode to Production mode
  • Click the Finish button
  • Click the Yes button to complete the process
  • Click Yes to restart ScanToPDF

Detailed information about the ScanToPDF activation window is available here.

4. De-Activating License Keys

De-activating from within ScanToPDF

  • Start ScanToPDF
  • On the menu, click Edit and choose Options or click the Gear icon
  • Click the Activation icon
  • Select the key using the checkbox on the left, click the Remove button and choose Remove selected license key(s). Click Yes
  • Click the Save button on the lower right of the window

Detailed information about the ScanToPDF activation window is available here.

De-activating using the web site

  • Login to your website account
  • Click the License Keys icon
  • Locate the Key you need to de-activate and click the View button
  • Click the Deactivate button

The license key status will be reset to not activated and can then be activated on a different PC



Applying A License Key At Startup

  • Check your email – we emailed a key to you when your order was completed. Copy the license key into your clipboard
  • The key in the email ONLY WORKS WITH VERSION 6 SOFTWARE. Please make sure version 6 has been installed using the Help >> About ScanToPDF window.
  • Start the ScanToPDF software (ScanToPDF.exe) on your computer
  • The software will display a window (screenshot provided for reference)
  • Enter the key provided in the email into the box provided (labelled 1 on the screenshot) and click the “OK” button (labelled 2 on the screenshot)
  • The key will be validated and applied. If the key entered is not valid a warning message will be displayed

License Server

Concurrent or Fixed Model Licenses

Technical Details For Administrators

The license server is a windows service that provides activation for ScanToPDF software using 2 different models, fixed model and concurrent model.

ScanToPDF software that has been configured to use the license server for activation (using either of the 2 models above) will connect to the licensing server to request activation keys for the modules in use. The license server will then return an activation key to the software to activate it.

In concurrent operation the activation is only used when the software is active. As soon as the software is closed the activation key is returned to a pool of keys, ready for another user.

In fixed operation the keys are allocated on a first come first serve basis, until all activation keys have been issued by the server. At this point no more keys can be issued until some of the keys have been manually released using the Licensing Supervisor utility which is part of the Licensing Server software suite.

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